A set of digital printables β€œBaby”


You will love these fashionable babies at first sight! 😍😍

Print the dolls, cut them out, and create cool family looks for the whole paper family!

In the set, as always, you will find:

πŸ‘Ά 4 dolls

πŸ‘  clothes and shoes

πŸ“ instructions on how to print and create the handicraft

Download these beauties absolutely FREE in digital format (PDF file), print them, and start an exciting game!

Just click on the "Download" button ⌨️

!!Please remember that all files are for personal use only.

Commercial use and resale are strictly prohibited!

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KateMade is an online store of paper dolls

Hey! We are Katya and Sasha. Paper dolls have been our love and hobby since childhood.Β When we were little, we were playing with dolls for days on end. We were imagining captivating plots for dolls' life, cut out clothes for them, and made cozy dollhouses.

Since that time, nothing has changed. We just got older, and our hobby grew into the KateMade brand.

In our workshop, we create designer printables of dolls and houses for them. Besides, we can not but pamper our beauties with new hand-crafted clothes, shoes, handbags, wigs, and accessories.

We think over the tiniest details of each printable to show how gripping the world of paper dolls can be! Kids can implement all their ideas and fantasies playing.

Your work and creative successes make us very happy and inspire us to add new printables to your collection.


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